• Numerous benefits by wearing and walking this slipper for 1 hr – 2 hrs daily.
  • Acupressure and magnetic therapy slippers for care & cure.
  • Relief from foot burning, nerves irritation, tingling and numbness.
  • Improves blood circulation, promote healing process.
  • Increase metabolism, balances endocrine secretions and boost immunity.
  • Dizziness gone and total refreshment within few minutes.
  • Relief from nerve and muscular pain along with leg.
  • Made of from rubber and it’s solid structure and perfect pressure points.
  • Can bring down high blood sugar level and control diabetes.
  • A proven health tool for lowering high BP or hypertension.
  • Gives good result in diabetes if used with Acupressure ball & Diabetes Belt.
  • Helps in arthritis pain and swelling in  pain and swelling.

Acupressure slipper stimulates reflexology or pressure points on feet. Various important functionalities of body including circulation, metabolism, digestion, respiration, neurological and cardio-vascular works better. It cures and heals several diseases and can control or relief symptoms of some serious health problems like diabetes, high BP or thyroid. Unistar acupressure sandal can reduce the adverse of effect of the medicines. It flushes out toxins out of body by improving micro circulation in the body. 

It heals internal infections and reduce swelling in the body. Very effective in feet and leg pain, stiffness, diabetic-neuropathy, numbness in feet etc. Helps relieving pain of sciatica and calf muscle cramps. I can have positive impact on knee pain and ligament injury. Equally good for varicose veins. Helps improving and balancing hormonal secretion and endocrine glands functions. Using this acupressure slipper for alt least 2 hours daily can benefit in allergy and sinus problem. A effective stress buster and fatigue relaxant.

Acupressure sandal is beneficial in controlling hi BP, stress. It helps in deep and quality sleep. You feel more energetic and have more stamina with in 15 days of use. It has been seen asthmatic patients who use this acupressure slipper feel comfortable in breathing. House wives who put on this slipper at home at least 2-3 hours daily get good health with in 1 month. 

Precaution : Avoid using this acupressure slipper when you are full stomach. It means avoid this after taking meals (morning breakfast , lunch or dinner). If you take a light breakfast in the morning then it's all right to use it.

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Acupressure Slipper for Feet Reflexology – Improve Circulation - good for Nervous System and BP

Key Function: Acupressure Slipper is a very effective foot and leg massaging health product, which stimulates the trigger/ pressure points of almost all internal organs and glands in feet. It helps in feet burning, tingling sensation, cold feet, numbness and pain, heal pain, sciatica pain. I can lower sugar level and control diabetes. This acupressure sandal improves circulation, gives relief from diabetic feet, can control high BP (hypertension). This health slipper is good for gout and arthritis problems.
  • Product Code: Unistar Rubber Acupressure Slipper
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