• Useful in back pain, slip disc and herniated disc and other vertebral column issues.
  • Helpful in spinal issues like nerve compression, radicular syndrome etc.
  • Stimulates pancreas to promote insulin secretion in diabetic patients.
  • Improve performances of other endocrine glands also.
  • Strengthens the urinary bladder and checks frequent urination and controls prostrate glands enlargement.
  • Useful in gastro-intestinal problems like indigestion, gas, constipation, IBS etc.
  • Improve metabolism, microcirculation and detoxification.
  • Promote better working of liver and other glands like gall bladder.
  • Eases menstrual cramps.
  • Helps Normalizing hormone gland activities in both male and female.
  • Improve sexual performance.


This multipurpose belt is used in reducing tummy, relieving pain, diabetes and increasing metabolism. This back and belly belt can be wear on belly and as well as on back. By using on belly, it works effectively in controlling abdominal fat, digestive track disorders, diabetes and urinary bladder issues. By using on back it benefits in back pain, spinal pain viz. nerve compression, and sciatica pain; and kidney issues.


Thyroid belt can be recommended with the magnetic blood sugar control belt if the person is suffering from thyroid disorder.


This diabetes belt also improves the over all digestion system. It reduces acidity, Gas, indigestion and constipation. This belt also improve the functionality of liver It promotes functionality of some endocrine glands like other than pancreas.

Procedure to use of Diabetes Belt:

Preferable time of use: Morning after getting fresh.
Duration of use: 1 hr – 1 and half hrs 
How many times: 1 – 2 times

It is recommended to wear in empty stomach, preferably in the morning after become fresh. It can be worn twice a day. Beside morning, it can be used in the evening an hour before the dinner for 30 minutes will be beneficial. You can use this belt on movement. This diabetes belt can be worn below the cloth touching the skin or you many wear on the cloth.

Precautions: Avoid use this in full stomach; during lose motion, any skin infection at belly area. Keep clean the diabetes belt time to time by wiping with sanitizer.

The diabetes belt can be adjusted to fit to belly size from 26 inch to 48 inch (65 cm – 120 cm). The size can be altered to make it below 65 cm or above 120 cm from our end on demand.

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Tummy Slimmer Obesity Control Belt - Back-Spine Pain Relief & Metabolism and Diabetes

Key Function: A multipurpose highly effective Magnetic belt for Tummy fat reduction, slimmer waste, spinal and back issues, digestion related issues. This belt gives wonderful results without side effects.
  • Product Code: 12 Magnets Back&Belly Belt
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